The Castings series utilizes the processes of entropy and reconciliation in tandem with the photographic instant and its medium. I perform traditional photography in the natural environment- shooting scenes on film over each three-month season. The film is then processed and approximately five prints are scanned to be printed on light sensitive paper as Lambda style C-prints. I return the prints back to the same location where they were photographed and place them either faceup or facedown leaving them out for the following season. Decay and entropy work directly on the prints in the form of radiation, temperature and moisture fluxuations, insects, chemical interactions, and so on until they are collected.

The process often results in a near total abstraction of the two-dimensional images. Direct contact with the ground acts as a stencil or cast whereby nature imprints some of its form directly onto the emulsion. The print surface degrades and begins to decompose as it becomes collaged with parts of the nature it depicts, forcing a type of reconciliation between subject and object. The idea is one of non-human forces in collaboration with myself and the camera to create abstract photographic representations.

I began Castings in the summer of 2009 and documented seasonal changes at the location in Northwest Indiana for nearly two years. The prints were trimmed and encased in airtight Plexiglas vitrines, some still with dirt, leaves, etc, to be assembled in various configurations.