Masters, Edits, and Cuts

My concern in the series Masters, Edits, and Cuts is threefold: to honor the magical contribution of the analog recording mediums Magnetic Tape (which served as the original for audio/video/informational recording) and Photosensitive Transparency Film (or slide film); the second is to reflect the process of recording itself between light sensitive material briefly physically touching the magnetic medium; the third is an attempt at visual expressions something akin to the emotional content I derive from sounds and images generally contained by such arcane media.

As the magnetic tape touches the 8 x 10 inch transparency film I appreciate machine honed precision materials as shiny miracles of science. Colored light bouncing off the magnetic tape casts rippled waves and patterns onto the film (as if to confirm the scientific phenomena) in the form and content of the sound and light based media. The tape curls are reminiscent of the roll it comes from and the analog editing process it goes through. These materials physically interact, aided by my hand and colored light in multiple exposures over an additive color mixing process, and then it's time to process the film. What remains is a temporary form revealed, a kind of self-portrait of materials used to communicate so much in the century of our massive industrial and technological growth.