Exit Eden

This body of work was exhibited in Chicago, Aspen, and the Netherlands in 2012. Here is the statement for the series:

Exit Eden addresses concerns about loss caused by climate change or ecocide. My work considers our planet as an "Edenic" paradise while questioning our intellectual and spiritual accountability at the current state of development. Transformative effects of climate change are made visible through the abstraction of dense landscape photography. I photograph natural areas, often using overlapping multiple exposures, and then remove layers of the film's emulsion with chemicals. Partially destroying the image mimics the state of our bedraggled resources, thus the pieces in Exit Eden become tableaux to the disappearing qualities of nature as we once knew it. Representing the issue in this manner confronts the loss of my original images, the analog color transparency, as well. Final prints are archival pigment prints in editions of 6 each, the widths vary but heights are generally between 20”-28” inches high.