Current Show: "potpourri" at Linda Warren Projects

My debut show with Linda Warren Projects runs from December 14th, 2012 to February 2nd, 2013. The work is viewable online here as are shots of the installation at LWP- including the time-based sculpture titled “Fountain” documented throughout the run. Here’s the statement about this work:

Potpourri by Doug Fogelson

How ironic is it that in today’s age of ecological crisis humans cultivate exotic flowering plants, castrate their reproductive bloom, and deliver around the planet to commemorate the banal/vital moments of our lives?

My main objective in Potpourri is twofold: the first impulse is to create an installation where the viewer feels an immediate and seductive sensory experience of light, color, and form stemming directly from the actual flower material; the second is to stimulate a deeper consideration of the floral signifier and its related industrial/conceptual/spiritual meaning for the current times. References to Flemish Baroque floral painting, Abstract Expressionism, and the general history of floral depictions in art are implicit in the various presentations of this work.

Photography here is employed via multiple exposure photograms and other techniques of hand touching such as bleached still life photographs and flower “pressings” onto chemically altered sheets of 8x10 inch film. The final prints are made as archival pigment prints in editions of 6 each at the 28” inch high by 22” inch wide size (a larger size is offered in an edition of 3 each).

A central component of the exhibition is the three-tiered fountain sculpture, made of Plexiglas and decorated with a variety of fresh flowers, which is experienced as it wilts over the timeframe of an exhibition. The fountain creates potpourri. Ephemeral aspects of floral life and death are therein linked to a sort of recycling physically via the sculpture and visually in the forms as 2-D representations of the same materials on the walls.