Broken Cabinet at Linda Warren Projects

Broken Cabinet Exhibition at Linda Warren Projects:

Linda Warren Projects 
Gallery X: Doug Fogelson, "Broken Cabinet" September 11 - November 7, 2015

Opening Reception: September 11, 2015, 6-9pm 
EXPO Chicago Celebration Sunday Brunch: Sunday September 20, 10am-12pm
Discussion with Giovanni Aloi, Scholar & Author: Saturday, October 10, 2-4pm

In "Broken Cabinet," Chicago artist Doug Fogelson highlights a disconnect between humans and the natural world. In his photograms, the artist places organic items like coral, coyote claws, moths and fox skulls upon photosensitive materials to create candy-colored shadows of these artifacts. Bringing the natural world into the manmade, Fogelson calls attention to the impact that mankind has on the environment; exhibiting the photograms beneath partially shattered glass, the artist emphasizes the fact that it's most often at the hand of humans that various organisms are undergoing extinction.

Fogelson's installation of this series of photograms is of particular importance. In an effort to reflect the vastness of the natural world, the works are displayed in a grid upon a single wall of the gallery. Here, mushrooms, horseshoe crabs, shark teeth and horsehair are presented democratically, reinforcing the artist's message that each organism is of equal importance on earth. In addition to the wallbound works, Fogelson exhibits a vitrine filled with the actual objects indexed in his photograms, sourced from EBay, taxidermists, fishing stores, strange shops and on walks in nature. This collection of natural artifacts is the artist's own "cabinet of curiosities," providing three-dimensional counterparts to the reanimated yet flattened forms of the photograms. 

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