Water in Art Exhibition / Water After Borders Summit

The Water in Art exhibition is a curated selection of art in various of media that emphasizes our relationship with this vital resource. Fifteen esteemed artists bring to light interactions with water involving topics such as sustenance, mythology, meditation, recreation and even satire. As comment on the societal impact of climate change, either directly or through implication, the artworks address pressing issues discussed at the Water after Borders summit. At Water in Art, culture intervenes in questions of environmental health and justice.

Water After Borders is a summit with panel presentations as well as collaborative working group sessions on Great Lakes issues, chaired by civic and community leaders. The summit will address transborder legal and political frameworks, as well as the ways in which class, culture, and gender influence environmental health and access. Topics include water sharing, toxins, privatization, energy systems, and regionalist approaches.

Participating artists:

Marissa Lee Benedict, Luftwerk, Andy Hall, Lee Tracy, Inigo Mangalo-Ovalle, Jenny Kendler, Kim Harty, Industry of the Ordinary, Jin Lee, John Opera, Kevin J. Miyazaki, Jessica Pierotti, Daniel Shea, Doug Fogelson, and Kim Fisher.

Curated by Doug Fogelson

Water in Art is displayed primarily in an online gallery:


Select pieces from the Water in Art exhibition will be on view, and some of the artists will be present, at a catered reception on the evening of day one of the conference (details below). This event is free and open to the public.

Water in Art Reception

April 23rd, 7:30 PM

@ Doug Fogelson Studio

1821 West Hubbard St. #208

Chicago, IL 60622

Water After Borders Summit

April 23 -24th, 2015

University of Illinois – Chicago

Student Center East: Room 605

750 South Halsted St.

Chicago, IL 60607